1990 to Now

Since 1990, the land has been used for:

  • Farming
  • Planting and harvesting approximately 20Ha of pine trees
  • Extraction of sand for royalties

And we have improved the land by:

  • Planting native trees and fencing wetland margins
  • Creating a right-of-way providing access to the adjoining Māori land blocks and another owner in Tumu Kaituna

Today, the two main uses of the land are winter grazing and sand mining.

The sand mine is managed by Stevenson Aggregates. We have used these activities to fund the block’s operational costs and to set ourselves up for future opportunities.

As trustees, we have actively looked (and continue to look) for development opportunities. This includes working with the neighbouring land blocks on a Structure Plan for the future urbanization of the entire Te Tumu area, including the Tumu Kaituna 14 land block.

 There are now new opportunities for beneficiaries to gain from the land, including those that may arise from the proposed Government post Covid-19 economic recovery packages.