Do we have your up-to-date details?

Our goal is to communicate and engage with as many of our beneficiaries as possible on the development opportunity for the whenua. Right now, we know there are approximately 5455 persons on the register of beneficial owners, but we only have up-to-date contact information for 40% (approximately) of them.

If you believe you are a beneficiary, or know someone who is, then please check the Māori Land Online records. It is a bit tricky so we will walk you through how to access the owner records as a guest.  

  • First you need to click on this link
  • Go to the Ownership button on the left
  • Type your name into the field for Owner name
  • This will bring up your Block name and Shares
  • Check you are listed as a Tumu Kaituna 14 owner
  • If you click on your name you will be able to get your Owner ID
  • Alternately, you can go to the Block button on the left of the link from above and type in Tumu Kaituna 14. Click on the Block ID and then scroll down to Ownership. This lists all owners.

Once you have your owner name and ID you can use the form below to register

Contact the trust here if you have any questions or you can email

Register as an owner here:

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