Engagement Hui #1 – 13 February 2022

Questions were answered orally during the hui, this is a summary of the Trust position and response to the questions following the hui in order to provide further information where relevant.

 Questions from Q&A Chat

Patricia Sutton (Guest) 10:12 AM

I would like to know how much so far has been spent by the trust so far on the proposed development project

This question has been answered live – Approximately $2.5 Million has been capitalized on the Balance Sheet as Project development Costs

Dr Kenneth Cameron Kennedy (Guest) 10:12 AM 

I’ve been to TUMU KAITUNA 14 MEETINGS in recent years,  I’m been aroha for Malcolm, why, only Malcolm has been attending these hui in person, no other trustees in attendance.

This question has been answered live – Comment noted

Georgina (Guest) 10:17 AM 

Tēna koutou Trustees, me Leo, this is the first time all Trustees have fronted up to the Owners.  My question to each of the Trustees, is: (1) what commercial experience have you had and that would put you in the best position to make the necessary commercial decisions of the nature required for the development proposal you are supporting and putting to the Owners to support? (2) how long have you been a Trustees on this Trust and what significant contribution have you made.  Can you support your response with evidence? (3) Are you prepared to step aside and let the next generation take the lead on the development of our lands?

This question has been answered live – The Trustees have a range of backgrounds and development experience.  Working with their specialist advisors, the Trustees are confident they can provide appropriate governance for the owners.  Bio details of the trustees will be posted on the website.

Bonz Wheki (Guest) 10:17 AM 

Apologies: Julia Wheki (nee Johnson)

Apology Noted

Patricia Sutton (Guest) 10:19 AM 

I would also like to know the reasoning behind the development and also why our land was designated for the lower value housing

The prudent and appropriate development of the whenua is a responsibility of the Trustees, and some form of development has been supported by the Owners over a number of years. The current concept plans would allow for a range of options of affordable housing for owners.

Levi (Guest) 10:20 AM 

who’s idea & which trustees agreed that owners could “buy” a plot in the holiday park that was proposed on TK14

This question has been answered live – The concept plans do provide for a Holiday Park, however no decisions have been made around the how the operations of this park will operate.

Kahurere Hilda Tuhakaraina-Clarke (Guest) 10:22 AM 

Im not viewing thge slides

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Kahurere Hilda Tuhakaraina-Clarke (Guest) 10:24 AM 

Sorry the slides are not coming into view for me to see why please

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Kahurere Hilda Tuhakaraina-Clarke (Guest) 10:28 AM  

No sorry

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Karen Stowers (Guest) 10:31 AM 

Can postal voting be an accepted method of owner voting when the Trust Order hasn’t been changed to accept this method yet?  I believe this is still to be dealt with in the Trusts Change of Trust Order application to the MLC

This question has been answered live  – Yes, the Trust is entitled to react and respond to Covid 19 restrictions on hui and to ascertain the best way to maximise owner input into decisions.  Recent legislative amendments provide avenues for the Trust to amend the normal face to face hui protocols.  Feedback from owners on the engagement process is welcome.

Georgina (Guest) 10:32 AM 

  1. How do the Trustees envisage managing a Trustee election process while progressing a significant development proposal subject to Owners support?
  2. Specifically, in what order of priority will the trustees address trustee elections and development opportunities for our lands?
  3. Also relevant, is the Court order issued in April 2021 ordering the trustees to hold elections to replace Aunty Keita. This question is for each Trustee to respond to individually, are you aware that you are in breach of an order? If not why not?
  4. If you are aware, please explain why you are comfortable with being in breach of your Court order and therefore your obligations to the Owners. In the interests of full disclosure I did receive a response to this question an hour before the start of this hui in which it is stated that the trustees have made an application to reduce the number of trustees to 6, why was this application filed given that the Owners have been signally for a very long time our dissatisfaction with your performance?

This question has been answered live

  1. The Trustees as currently appointed by the Court have a responsibility to exercise their obligations to manage the whenua.  However there is also a trustee rotation policy that is put to owners for discussion to allow for fresh appointments.
  2. The proposed order is to have the trustee rotation and the development planning run concurrently.
  3. The Court orders of 2021 reduce the number of trustees to 6.  There is no order directing an election.  However, the trustees are promoting their proposal for rotation.
  4. The trustees complied with the trust order when the resignation was tabled.

Kahurere Hilda Tuhakaraina-Clarke (Guest) 10:35 AM 

IM able to hear if that is to be it for this hui ,thank you at least i can hear.

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Kahurere Hilda Tuhakaraina-Clarke (Guest) 10:35 AM 


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Hunia Taia (Guest) 10:36 AM 

apologies,  we have had a power cut.

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Karen Stowers (Guest) 10:37 AM 

The Trust must put it to the owners if they wish to reduce the trustees to 6. The Trustees can not make this decision for the owners. Will the Trust be doing this first?

This question has been answered live – As responded above.

Dr Kenneth Cameron Kennedy (Guest) 10:38 AM 

Why in recent years at hui in Tamatekapua kanohi ki te kanohi that only the chair Malcolm has been attendance with one or two other trustees ? why have all trustees been not available ? please explain.

This question has been answered live – Trustees who have not been able to attend hui for various reasons have given their apologies.

Tarawhati (Guest) 10:39 AM 

Tena Koe E hoa, I am keen to understand the backgrounds of the individual trustees, with this to understanding what tools and commercial accumen they have to assist in facilitating the success of TK14 and its owners. I am concernced that we have appointed trustees based owner historical whanau links.

This question has been answered live – The Trust will be looking to upload photos and a biography of each Trustee onto the Trust website.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 10:42 AM 

Ngahuia Te Awekotuku – Trustees is about TRUST yet how can we as owners TRUST people who have sat there for over 30 years and now we have this tangled mess.

This question has been answered live – The Trustees have a fiduciary obligation to the beneficiaries and are looking to increase owner engagement through these Owner Engagement Hui.

Arthur Flintoff (Guest) 10:48 AM 

Do you consider whanau first right of purchase of houses on leased land as a means of retaining our whenua?  With rises house prices this can lead to risks that whanau can never buy back.

This question has been answered live – The Trustees are looking at a range of options which will include options for whanau to access housing.  This feedback as to implications from future house prices is appreciated.

Patricia Sutton (Guest) 10:49 AM 

Delete second question please

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Moana Morgan (Guest) 10:52 AM 

Is the sand still being removed?

This question has been answered live – Yes, this is the main source of current revenue for the Trust.

Paora Maxwell (Guest) 10:53 AM 

Kiaora Is it the Trusts intention that benefits of development including opportunities for housing should be decided by shareholding ?

This question has been answered live – The allocation of benefits arising from the development would be available to all owners, but a specific “allocation” policy has not been decided.  Feedback on this is important.

Ray (Guest) 10:53 AM 

Kia ora Amber Taare aē I am Ray Henderson

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Georgina (Guest) 10:54 AM 

  1. I think Trustees have failed to explain in plain English why the change of status of part of our land is a sound commercial option that would not result in alienation. Owners are seriously concerned and fearful that part and/or all of our lands could over time be alienated. Point in case, Alex has just mentioned that alienating our lands to facilitate development opporutnities will be required in respect of roading.  I don’t know how much more clearly I can express my categoric opposition to the alienation of 1cm  of our lands let alone hectares.  In the famous words of Whina Cooper, “not one more acre”!!! Further to a previous question I asked the trustees, where are the alternative commercial models other than a change of status and potential for alienation, which is the only one I am hearing.

This question has been answered live – The first Trustee Guiding Principle is that “Retention of Land is a Priority”. There may be instances were Trust land could be exchanged for other land, where Trust land is encumbered for infrastructure, but the Trust is seeking to advance proposals for Trust land not to be sold but by using easements or other instruments.  In this instance the Trust will be ensuring that the benefits received are the same if not greater than what is exchanged.  However, in the context of a housing development on Trust land, there may be examples where internal roading could be best vested into Council in order to service the infrastructure to owner housing.

Tarawhati (Guest) 10:55 AM 

what is the tendering process to build these houses and commercial sites, foreign entities are counting corners and already envision a similar issue to the leaky buildings of the 90’s and 2000’s

This question has been answered live – Details of the development to the construction stage have not yet been considered and is something the Trustee’s would need to look at once the development is further down the track.

Karen Stowers (Guest) 10:56 AM 

Trustees shouldn’t you be dealing with the Breach of Trust Order first before a clean slate can happen?

This question has been answered live – see above.  The Trustees do not consider there has been a breach of the Trust Order.

Fiona Waititi (Guest) 10:58 AM 

Kia ora koutou, in regards to education, I would like to propose considertaion for education financial support for owners/beneficiaries for part-time tertiary study. Is this possible? Many of us require full-time employment and therefore can only commit to part-time study. Ngā  mihi

This question has been answered live – The feedback is appreciated.  The trustees will include these proposals in the discussions.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:01 AM 

Josie Scott – Can we know how may owners are on this presentation

This question has been answered live – 86 Participants plus additional observers at individual venues.

Tarawhati (Guest) 11:04 AM 

Do the current Trustee’s meet the proposed requirements?

This question has been answered live – Yes, the trustees satisfy the proposed requirements of experience.

Pikitia Ririnui-Hennings (Guest) 11:04 AM 

Please email the presentations appearing in this hui to all that are registered on this zoom as well as the access link to the recording of this zoom – extending to all registered beneficiaries that are not present today.

The presentation video and slides will be available online

Paora Maxwell (Guest) 11:05 AM 

OK i understand the principles of trustee selection but is it the proposal that current Trustees step down and new trustees are selected ?

This question has been answered live – No the rotation will see two positions up for rotation every two years. This will allow continuity and intellectual knowledge to be retained on the Trust

Karen Stowers (Guest) 11:05 AM 

Could the Trust put to the owners first if they have faith in the present trustees and wish them to continue based on their past performance for the owners. Could this be the first step for Trustee Elections

This question has been answered live – answered above.  The proposal is to progress trustee rotation and development options concurrently.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:05 AM 

From the 10 in our zoom hui room, there is widespread opposition to the requirements in regard to needing NZQA qualifications or otherwise.

This question has been answered live – Comment noted for consideration by the Trustees.

Tarawhati (Guest) 11:06 AM 

The structure is sound however I believe it maybe to high for a large proportion of the owners, meaning we may need to leave trustees in for 3 years as opposed to 2.

This question has been answered live – Comment noted for consideration by the Trustees.

Georgina (Guest) 11:08 AM 

Kia ora Leo, appreciating you have come to this hui at a late stage, the owners have been at this supposed consultation for several years now. We are not articulating anything new so yhou can appreciate it is starfting feel like we are being railroaded. I have again heard a clear description of our lands being used to provide wider commujnity benefits, that is joe public will be entitled to enjoy the developments on our lands including roading, parks and commerical business activities etc. On the other side of the coin, Owners will have an opportunity to participate in housing opportunities, our sites of significance would be preserved and a potential cultural center established.  An alternative solution that has been presented to the trustees and not responded to at the time or since, is why must our lands be used for infrastructure when there are other land owners whosed lands could equally be used for this purpose.  Why could we not sit and wait for infrasture developments to occur on our neighbours?

This question has been answered live – Being part of the discussions with the Tauranga City Council and the neighboring land owners will ensure that Trust has first priority to access infrastructure assets for the Trust development.  Alternative options to bypass Trust land have been actively considered.

Tarawhati (Guest) 11:12 AM 

Can you please explain why workstream are being developed when the owners clearly have no buy in on these suggested plans?

This question has been answered live – The Trustees are seeking feedback on development opportunities.

John Fenwick (Guest) 11:15 AM 

Alex, who’s idea was is to have a working chat function?

Comment noted

Levi (Guest) 11:15 AM 

why are we discussing these plans made by Tga council and Ford family, these are not the owners wishes

This question has been answered live – The Trust is putting forward its own development options based on what is best for owners, and in the context of the urban developments that are occurring at our boundaries.

Renee Kiriona (Guest) 11:15 AM 

Will our Pakeha neighbours (includes Fords) be giving up ownership of their land for the roads the council wants on their land?

This question has been answered live – The Trust is not aware of the discussions that have been held between the Tauranga City Council and Ford Land Company/Carrus Corporation.

Karen Stowers (Guest) 11:17 AM 

Why is Geoff Fletcher not focusing on owners needs first in his discussions with development? Does he have experience in Māori development and tikanga Māori?  Is there a conflict of interest with Geoff Fletcher working for Ford in the neighbouring block.

This question has been answered live – Jeff Fletcher is an advisor to the Trust and is focused on the best outcomes for owners.  Jeff has openly disclosed his association with the Ford and Co land, and is providing a separate response which will be posted on the website.  Allegations of conflict of interest were raised in the Māori land Court and dismissed.  Jeff is also guided by the Trust with regard to Tikanga Māori.

Georgina (Guest) 11:18 AM 

Let’s be realistic about who amongst our land owners will be able to participate in purchasing housing. We are being pressured into making our lands available to facilitate a growing population that is non-Māori.  My question to the trustees is, why are you proposing a development on our lands that provides infrastructure when there is more than enough development going on around us which according to Jeff will link up with our block and potentially provide the parks, roading etc.  Surely it makes more sense to use our lands entirely for affordable housing for our Owners and not just those among us who can afford it?

This question has been answered live – The Trustees have a fiduciary obligation to maximise the benefits to all owners.  Alternatives for infrastructure on other lands have been considered.  The use of part of Trust land for infrastructure could place the Trust in a strong position, particularly with the Trust’s principle of land retention as a priority.  Yes, access to affordable housing is a key principle for the trustees.

Arthur Flintoff (Guest) 11:19 AM 

What development is happening or planned on the Ford Block?

This question has been answered live –  Trustees are aware that the development proposals would likely result in development of land further to the east, including the Ford and Co land.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:19 AM 

In regards to due dilligence what work has been taken in regard to sea level rises in the next 50 years.  And has any of this modelling been undertaken.

This question has been answered live – Yes, modelling has been undertaken and will continue to be undertaken as development options are considered.

Georgina (Guest) 11:22 AM 

Can Jeff please dispell a perception that he has a conflict of interest insofar as he has a relationship with Ford & Co who are our neighbours?  As an Owner it is important to me that the people trustees are putting in front of us have “clean hands”. What are Jeff’s motives?

This question has been answered live – see above.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:23 AM 

What are the objectives of the Trustees?  We should disregard the objectives of any external party including TCC, Ford, Carrus etc until we have our own objectives identified.

This question has been answered live – The Trustees agree.  The proposals are based on what are the best interests of owners.

Karen Stowers (Guest) 11:23 AM 

Would the Trust consider an development advisor who is experienced in Māori land development who will put the owners best interest first and someone who is not involved with the other developers in the neighbouring blocks such as Ford. Someone new and forward thinking who has a clear understanding of Tikanga Māori to start a clean slate?

This question has been answered live – see above.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:25 AM 

Patai from Ngahuia Te Awekotuku – OPTION – If there is a “mini marae” why not negotiate with a major tertiary provider & centres of research &  excellence to establish a Campus on this site?

This question has been answered live – Comment noted and the Trustees will consider this.

Karen Stowers (Guest) 11:28 AM 

We must deal with trustee elections first because they are in Breach of the Trust Order before we can have any meaningful discussions. We must ask the owners if they still have faith in these trustees

This question has been answered live – see above.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:28 AM 

The consesus in our room (10 attendees) is that the election issue must be dealt with first.  Nothing else can happen until that time.

This question has been answered live – see above.

John Fenwick (Guest) 11:29 AM 

My sister Helen says you can disable it, something to consider for next time.

Comment noted

Patricia Sutton (Guest) 11:31 AM 

Given the huge cost of the development proposed has there been thought given to a more limited phased development such as a retirement village in partnership with a company. This would limit our financial investment and would generate an income for further development such as oapakainga

This question has been answered live – Comment noted and the Trustees will take this feedback into consideration.

Fiona Waititi (Guest) 11:36 AM 

Can you please define Māori Roadways?

This question has been answered live – A Māori roadway is Maori land owned by the Maori Trust, which has responsibilities for maintaining access, maintenance etc.

Tarawhati (Guest) 11:37 AM 

regarding these corridors which paves the connection to the ford block, do we have a confirmed plan for the ford block? I ask in the interest of ensuring that any commercial buld is not in conflict with ford family projects whilst also ensuring that we are in conflict with them, meaning both they and us are benefiting.

This question has been answered live – see above.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:39 AM 

  1. Does TCC as minuted in the MLC hearing of 2 years ago still see the use of the Publics Works Act as an option to obtain some of our land for roading?
  2. Also with TCC know under Stat Supervisors, has the position of TCC changed.
  3. And in regard to infrastructure options the options should always benefit the land owners the most, so surplus land, money etc, the option should always benefit us first and foremost not other interested parties.

This question has been answered live – While the possibility of compulsory acquisition remains available to the Council at law, the Tauranga City Council have confirmed that they would not wish to use those powers under the Public Works Act.  Alternative options are being explored as part of these presentations to owners.

TCC are more focused on strong dialogue and communication with the Trust which has resulted in the TCC assisting the Trust in funding some of the expert advise the trust is currently receiving.  The statutory supervisors are fully supportive of the Council’s position.

The Trust continues to be in discussions with the TCC around surplus lands that could be vested into the Trust, and the exchange of land would ensure the best outcomes for owners.

Georgina (Guest) 11:40 AM 

I am all for exploring development opportunities for our whenua. Can the trustees please be transparent and expresslly state what the land owners will need to give up if they support the trustees development proposal.  For example, how much of the total area our lands will need to be aliented and for what purpose/s.   Please note it is very confusing listening to options being presented by Jeff and for me I do not have a clear understanding of what is being proposed and by whom? I am struggling to understand what he is saying.

This question has been answered live – The Council propose that two infrastructure corridors through Trust land be used to service the development, perhaps using easements.  In exchange, the Trust could negotiate land back into Trust ownership.  The areas of land are subject to planning and further consideration of options, but the Trust is focused on a principle of retention of whenua, and where land might be used for infrastructure, the Trust is interested in securing comparable land back into Trust ownership.

Tarawhati (Guest) 11:42 AM 

Concerned with Jeff’s motivation whilst only an advisor to the trust can he please confirm his relationship with the ford development?

See above.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:44 AM 

Patai Ngahuia Te Awekotuku – Leo, due to technological issues of some owners, can OWNERS be sent copies of these power points please, so that owners can effectively “ENGAGE”

Copies of the Power Point and the recording will be made available on the Trust’s website.

Tarawhati (Guest) 11:46 AM 

Ae I hear this however I think the maemae within the trust needs to be addressed aurally rather then written

Comment noted

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 11:49 AM 

Question in regard to potential of aquiring surplus land from TCC.  This land would be general title land, would the Trustees then look to seek the land changed into whenua Māori or keep in general?

This question has been answered live – Exchange of land is normally vested back as Māori land.  There are exceptions and feedback is welcomed.

Georgina (Guest) 11:51 AM 

Kia ora Leo initially the council wanted to take our land and it was only when owners expressed a clear resounding no to their proposal that the trustees went back to the table and put foward a lease proposal to us instead.  I appreciate the mahi you are doing to facilitate this hui. Ngā mihi

This question has been answered live – Comment noted

Georgina (Guest) 11:53 AM 

I am comfortable with responses to my questions being dealt with in writing.

This question has been answered live – Comment noted

Levi (Guest) 11:53 AM 

I dont believe my question was answered, this was a statement made by Malcolm Short to the media. not speculation it’s in written text

See above – no decision as to allocation of land for the holiday park has been made.

Vincent Te Aute (Guest) 11:57 AM 

Just wondering…`Who appointed you Leo? Are you an independent advisor? Who are you paid by?

This question has been answered live – Yes, Leo is independent, a Māori land law specialist based in Napier.  Leo has been appointed by the Trust, however funding has been sourced from the Tauranga City Council to cover his costs.

Moana Morgan (Guest) 12:01 PM 

Why do the trustees give themselves unclaimed shares?

This question has been answered live – This allegation is false.   The Trustees confirm that no such practice is or has been undertaken.

James Manley (Guest) 12:04 PM 

vote on poll vote or one vote per owner and whanau trust

This question has been answered live – Comment noted.  The voting would follow the standard rules under the regulations but feedback is welcomed.

Georgina (Guest) 12:06 PM 

To be clear, our block will open up developmenmt opportunities for other landowners that would otherwise be landlocked, is that correct? There is an alternative solution requiring the building of a bridge across the Kaituna River but unfortunately this is not a preferred option for Tauranga Council, is that correct?  My question for the trustees is, can you work with the Council to persuade them to reconsider a bridge with all of the te taiao considerations for our awa?  I’m reminded of an article I saw recently of the Affco meat works and the discharge of their waste into our awa.  While I think the environmental considerations presented by Jeff is admirable, what is happenning in reality is contrary to what has been presented.  How do the trustees intend to address these tensions?

This question has been answered live – The alternative access arrangements are being actively considered and it is correct that the bridge options are not the preferred option.  The feedback about the bridge is noted and will be further considered by the Trustees.  Environmental impacts of all of the options are very important considerations and will continue to be monitored and assessed.

Karen Stowers (Guest) 12:07 PM 

Has the Trust already filed an application to the MLC to reduce the trustees to 6?

This question has been answered live –  Yes, the Trust received the resignation and applied to the Court to confirm the current trustees, who number 6.

Paora Maxwell (Guest) 12:11 PM 

Given we only have 2% of owners engaged in this current hui what steps have been made to engage with 98% of owners  ?

This question has been answered live – The Trustees encourage whanau to help the trustees make contact with other owners. This can be done through kōrero and sharing of the website, as well as registering any change of addresses etc.  This engagement process seeks to maximise input and owner engagement.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 12:11 PM 

Violet Waiariki – Can we have an indication from Trustees if they intend to restand or retire and also are the current Trustees also shareholders

This question has been answered live – The trustees will each make their own personal decision on that aspect in the future.

Taira (Guest) 12:12 PM 

We do need a refresh of our trust.  The existing trustees should be able to stay as advisors to ensure existing knowledge is retained.  Please comment

This question has been answered live – Comment noted, the use of retiring trustees as advisory trustees is useful feedback.

Sally Williams (Guest) 12:13 PM 

When is, the next Trustee Election?

This question has been answered live – Dates and details have not yet been set.

Taira (Guest) 12:14 PM 

Our trust requires independent advisors.  Can the trustees not see that Mr Fletcher is conflicted.  PLease comment

This question has been answered live – see above.

Nyreen Kiriona (Guest) 12:14 PM 

Trustee nominations eligibility mandatory that you must be an owner

This question has been answered live – Comment noted and will be considered by the Trustees.  There is a balance to be struck to ensure members of the whanau who have skills but who may not yet be on the ownership list can still participate.  Trustees consider that nominees should be owners or descended from owners and affiliated to the whenua.

Taira (Guest) 12:16 PM 

Can the trust please commit to independent advisors that we as owners will have trust and confidence in.

This question has been answered live – Comment noted

Anonymous Attendee 12:19 PM 

Is the process of this operable after 16 years without an AGM?

This question has been answered live – A General Meeting has been held with the last one held 31 October 2020

Patricia Sutton (Guest) 12:21 PM 

I have a concern that $1 m was spent investigating this project as at 2018 and now it’s up to $2.5 m. This huge financial commitment given the lack of shareholder consultation. Why

This question has been answered live – To ensure that the trust receives the best advantage of a development opportunity, the Trust is required to continue to invest in the process.

Nyreen Kiriona (Guest) 12:23 PM 

Will there be have new trustees before any consultation or decisions are made around developments

This question has been answered live –It is the view of the Trust that the Trustee Rotation and Elections occur whilst development discussions are occurring.

Dr Kenneth Cameron Kennedy (Guest) 12:26 PM 

Tumu kaituna 14 is currently before the Waitangi Tribunal MACA hearings.  What’s the current trustees view on that ?

This question has been answered live – the takutai moana hearings resulted in no specific competing claims being made to the coastline adjacent to the TK14 whenua.

Karen Stowers (Guest) 12:27 PM 

Is the Trust working with the other Māori land blocks 7B1 & 7B2 , 8B1 , 11B2 on a collective vision for development of Tumu

This question has been answered live – Other Trusts have been invited to be part of the discussions.

Paora Maxwell (Guest) 12:28 PM  

I’m not aware of previous site visits but given Many owners haven’t been on this whenua, have the Trustees considered a site visit that points out historical sites and also what the proposed development sites are?

This question has been answered live – Comment noted with the Trustees taking this into consideration.

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 12:28 PM 

Patai – Hineata Nahu – Māori focussed schooling, healthcare, shopping centres and land owner hosuing should be a priority.

This question has been answered live – Comment noted and the Trustees are taking this into consideration.

Nyreen Kiriona (Guest) 12:29 PM 

Trustee nominations eligibility mandatory that you must be an owner

See above.

Nyreen Kiriona (Guest) 12:29 PM 

Will there be have new trustees before any consultation or decisions are made around developments

This question has been answered live – see above.

Anonymous Attendee 12:30 PM 

Will there be have new trustees before any consultation or decisions are made around developments

This question has been answered live – see above.

Taira (Guest) 12:30 PM 

Leo has his costs covered by TCC.  Can TCC fund other essential independent advisors to support activity relating to the proposed development, legal, financial and owner engagement

This question has been answered live – Yes, the Trust currently has funding from the Tauranga City Council for 1. Owners Engagement and 2. Digital Media. The Trust is currently talking with TCC to assist in funding a Registered Valuer.

Levi (Guest) 12:34 PM 

is the selection process requiring 7yrs experience to become a trustee, already in stone or was this up for debate first? if already in place then where was our concent to this?

This question has been answered live – The comments from this hui will be taken back to the Trustees for Consideration.

Hunia Taia (Guest) 12:35 PM 

Tena te koutou te tarati, kua riro whenua atu, hoki whenua mai ara anō te rori. NOT too sure… but exchange of whenua is merely same for same, if lessons are to be learnt, we need to be aware that  there has never ever been a settlement of equity between councils, governments, te wakakotahi and the like. DO the trustees accept that an exchange of lands, surplus lands, compensations and partnership are in favor of the owners, and NOT the council.

This question has been answered live – Yes the Trustee’s would only look at options that are equal to or better for the Trust objectives.

Anonymous Attendee 12:36 PM 


This question has been answered live

Rawiri Bhana (Guest) 12:39 PM 

Alex from our room, Ka nui ngā mihi ki te kai whakataki Leo.  Miharo whakahirahira ana te mātaki te whakarongo atu!

This question has been answered live – Comment noted

Georgina (Guest) 12:41 PM 

Are trustees supportive of owners partitioning out their shares from Tumu Kaituna 14?

This question has been answered live – History shows that land that is partitioned is more likely to be alienated and sold.  Ultimately a partition application is for shareholders to advance but the Trust prefers a model where land is held collectively.

Geoff Rice (Guest) 12:42 PM 

If it is agreed by the owners this development in some form or another takes place then how do the current Trustees invisage managing our Housing issue as a collective to accomadate our mix of needs for our people across the board in a affordable and sustainable manner. Are there also non trustee owners whom intend to put there names forward whom might have an answer to my question.

This question has been answered live – The Trust is currently in negotiations including Kainga Ora to look at some options.

Georgina (Guest) 12:44 PM 

Tumu Kaituna 7B partitioned their shares out and they have not alienated.

This question has been answered live – Comment noted

Nyreen Kiriona (Guest) 12:44 PM 

Uenuku, to use whenua as leverage for roading is considered to be alienating……so how do you justify saying that with partitioning

This question has been answered live – the preferred option is to not sell Trust land, that is a guiding principle of retention.

Anonymous Attendee 12:44 PM 

can the trustees discuss or address the dumping of waste/ unused product from te arawa fisheries onto the land at TTKT, where this is deposited at tumu kaituna and if a resource consent was applied for or needed to do this activity. has any study been undertaken regarding the environmental impact of this if any. how often does the dumping take place. the last time I visited the land block I saw this happening and never got a response when I emailed in

This question has been answered live – No such dumping is taking place

Karen Stowers (Guest) 12:47 PM 

Thank you Leo for chairing this hui. It was helpful and is the first time there has been proper engagement with the trustees. Hopeful there will be a positive way forward from todays hui and more open engagement with owners.

Comment noted.  Feedback from all owners has been appreciated.

Below is a response from Jeff Fletcher on the questions asked about a potential conflict of interest:

At the 13 February 2022 Engagement Hui questions were asked in the Q&A function of the Zoom webinar as to whether I have a conflict of interest with regard to the work I carry out for the Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust (TK14) (see questions below) in relation to work I do for Ford Land.

In response:

  1. The work that I carry out for TK14 and any advice given is independent of and not conflicted by work I carry out for Ford Land.
  2. I do not make any decisions or set the direction for TK14, these are solely made by the Trustees.
  3. I am one of a number of advisors that TK14 have and am fully committed to securing the best possible outcomes for TK14 Trust for as long as the Trustees feel I can add value to the project team.
  4. Like many professional advisors I work for multiple clients including other Māori Land Trusts and are well experienced in managing any situations that may give rise to potential conflicts of interest.
  5. I understand these perceived conflict of interest concerns were raised and dismissed in recent Māori Land Court proceedings against the TK14 Trustees.

Ngā mihi,

Jeff Fletcher