The fourth TK14 Owners Engagement Hui was held online and at Te Ao Mārama on Sunday 22nd May, 2022.

It was another opportunity for owners to express their views and to ask questions. It was great to see people standing up and having their say. This is how we all get to move forward together.


Hui #4 Video

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Hui #4 Presentation

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TK14 Owners Hui 4 Presentation 22 May 2022


Hui #4 Minutes



Leo Watson (Via zoom)


Malcolm Short, Uenuku Fairhall, Anaru Bidois, Emily Rota-Bidois (via zoom).


Alex Wilson, Murray Patchell, Jeff Fletcher, Mike Morgan.


Waldo Houia, Julia Wheki



Mihi and Karakia

Uenuku Fairhall



Introduction of Leo Watson as the facilitator and Trustees.

Alex Wilson outlined housekeeping matters.

Leo Watson summarised the hui agenda.



As per the power point the following presentations were made:


Cultural and Historical Background

Uenuku Fairhall reflected on the site visit to the Trust block attended by 35 owners on the preceeding day. This also crossed into the neighbouring land blocks.

He briefly went through the presentation slides and invited any questions to him after the hui.


Trustee Guiding Principles, Engagement Process and Feedback

Leo Watson said the Trust block sits in a wider cultural and environmental context. He referred to the previous hui and the information loaded on the website and invited owners to contact the Trust if they require more information or have specific questions. He summariesd key feedback points raised to date and the Trustees responses. Feedback through the survey shows close to unanimous support for the guiding principles which are there for the benefit of the Trust owners.

He said there will be a further hui in June and any feedback on the process or proposals is welcomed. He noted a suggestion for owners to provide details of their skillsets to establish a database.

With reference to the planning map he said this was not a fait accompli but an opportunity to consider how best to develop the Trust land. The block is strategically located and the focus is on the roads to unlock the Trust lands. The owners feedback ideas were noted.


Trustee Rotation and Election

Malcolm Short referred to the intention to elect two Trustees this year although there was no formal process in the Trust order. The rotation process would have 7 Trustees on 4 year terms with elections every two years. Trustees would provide CV’s showing experience or an ability to contribute to land governance, financial management or tikanga Maori.

Uenuku Fairhall spoke on the hapu representation proposal which was similar to a Maori ward process. This would protect the interests of hapu not present.

Lorraine Galvin said she had not received a notice of the hui although her husband had. Alex Wilson to look into this.

Hamuera Hodge referred to historical issues he had with getting information through Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust.

Paora Maxwell said that based on his experience at the hui two years ago he had called for all Trustees to resign. Having said that, Paora says that in the last few months he felt the Trustees had listened to the owners and he was more open to the rotation proposal put forward.

Paora felt the hapū representation proposal was a bit prescriptive and he felt all Trustees should share information back to iwi and marae. Also, Paora said that the focus should be on connectivity to the owners, getting a paid position to improve comms to the owners etc.

Paora felt the principles were good. He would be interested in hearing about social and commercial outcomes. He noted that Malcolm was the Chair of Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust that was very successful and he queried what benefits might come. He also noted that opening up our block would be a benefit to the owners on the south side and he queried how we could obtain commercial advantage of that.

Leo Watson responded that there was strong support for the process through the survey. Trustees are listening to owners feedback and working through the issues.

Leo agreed that Trustees need a clear sense of who they are and how they whakapapa to the land. All Trustees have these responsibilities. In terms of the prescribed hapū representation model, he said they were looking for a balance to lock in hapū responsibilities and connectivity. The other matters raised by Paora will be addressed later in the hui.

Anaru Bidois said it was important to retain the connection back to the people. This is a social benefit, looking after owners interests. He can give his opinion as Uri of Ngati Rangiwewehi.

Jacquline Clarke responded that she could whakapapa to all three iwi and was trying to understand the rotation proposal. She would like to see all Trustees resign as well. Get new Trustees then look at rotation. She felt that we should go to the hapū with 7 positions not just three. She went to the site visit and felt warm on the whenua. She said it was time to unlock the lands. Govt help must be available and we should ask them to free up land.

Uenuku Fairhall said the Trust was watching what was happening next to our land in the Papamoa development. The question is how do we recognise what the land means to us. The shareholders live throughout the country. The proposal for 3 Hapu representatives would ensure that we engage with local iwi. The other 4 positions would come from the wider ownership.


Housing for Owners

Leo Watson advised the Trust is seeking funding from Whai Kāinga Whai Oranga fund to assist with feasibility of housing. Options vary across the housing continuum as per the chart. This will all sit on Maori Freehold land.


Infrastructure Corridors and Active Reserve

Jeff Fletcher took the meeting through the proposal on the roads and active reserve that would service the Trust block and unlock the area. He said progressing this would enable government funding opportunities and is the key to getting govt support. He referred to the discussions with TCC on the potential exchange of land interests. Land will be surplus from the Papamoa East Interchange (PEI) that TCC could transfer to the Trust in compensation. This land is commercially zoned which means it could be developed immediately. TCC are currently engaging with Mana Whenua on this land. If approved by the owners Jeff said that the outcome of negotiations would be brought back to Owners. Betterment would be included in negotiations.

Emily Rota-Bidois assured the hui that the Trustees won’t be making any decisions without coming back to the owners.

Paora Maxwell noted the lands to the east appear to be landlocked and he urged Trustees to take advantage of that. In Terms of the hapū representation he said the real challenge is those not engaged and he suggested the Trust engage a professional to track down owners. He said the investment is in connecting with owners and that is where the commitment should be.

Malcolm Short said that the neighbours have legal access off Papamoa Beach Road. This was done by the Fords through the Māori Land Court. In terms of the advantage of access by the neighbours he said the same issue came up with Bluehaven bringing the Road to the Trusts boundary.

Uenuku Fairhall addressed the hui on the areas earmarked for compensation. He invited owners to consider the areas marked for development. Is there sufficient housing? There are costs to develop land and potential savings – eg the Active Reserve that requires less land preparation. He questioned if the focus should be on Maori Education first. He said the Trustees are the best protectors of the land. They need to get the mix right and need to think about commercial areas.

Jacqueline Clarke was critical of the plan and felt that owners would not benefit and there was not enough land left for the owners who would get the worst land. She said TPK can help with infrastructure. There was not enough housing and she thought it was going through whether we like it or not.

Malcolm Short responded that the Active Reserve would benefit all the residents and provide open spaces for sports etc. The Council may also pay upfront for the Active Reserve which will provide cash and help the development.

Hamuera Hodge said that connection is the problem. He queried what was happening to the whenua? We should be networking among whanau, hapū and Trustees.

Leo Watson said that the infrastructure corridors and active reserve would remain owned by the Trust. It is important for owners to understand the proposal and provide feedback.

Arthur Flintoff noted that the access to the neighbours was not a public road and he supports leveraging access for best return. He also felt the Trust should have Kaitiaki roles on Carrus and Ford blocks.

John Hodge said he has been coming to hui for 30 years and is hearing the same things. He noted that private ownership is for the houses not the land. Owners will have to pay rent. Other entities can build the houses and make these available. He said they are like magicians – say one thing and do something else. He said Trustees should get on with it but make sure everyone knows what they are doing.

Leo Watson said that Trustees need owners support to get on with things. These are complex issues that need to be worked though.


Environmental, Natural Hazards & Climate Change

Leo referred to the information that had been tabled in response to owners queries. He said that if owners authorise the Trustees to negoatiate with TCC then these matters will be looked at in more detail.


Voting on Resolutions and Draft Resolutions

Leo Watson summarized the proposed voting methodology which is proposed for July /August and reviewed the draft Trustee Rotation resolution.

The draft Trustee Rotation resolution may include actual wording of the amendment to the Trust Order.

He noted trustees will be progressing an election for two new Trustees this year.

Paora Maxwell queried if the Rotation resolution would be considered as one or could be separated in respect of the Hapū Representation proposal. Leo acknowledged they can be separated.

Rocky Galvin queried if the 2 Trustees to stand would be the longest serving. Malcolm Short pointed out they were all appointed at the same time so it would be up to the Trustees to decide.

Hamuera Hodge said to make sure new Trustees know what they are doing.

Leo Watson referred to the draft land development resolution tabled for discussion. He said there is quite a lot of detail in here to consider and feedback is sought.

Hamuera Hodge said it looked good to him.

Leo Watson said the next steps were to seek owners feedback. The next hui will be held on 18th June. Thereafter postal voting was planned for July/August. The Trustee election will also be run and Court applications will follow.

Lorraine Galvin queried the share voting and if that would impact on her. Leo responded that voting is one person, one vote but the MLC will want to note the shares involved for relevant reference. He assured her that her vote would count.

Raukawa Manahi said that voting by electronic means didn’t work for many. Leo said that it would be also postal and there would be a physical address where votes could be dropped off.

Paora Maxwell noted that the resolution did not speciify that  Trustees must be owners or descendants of owners. Leo said that had been discussed in earlier hui, and can be added to the resolution to make it explicit.

Paora also informed the meeting that in discussion with Jeff he noted that 1500 houses are proposed and there would be some good sites available.

Matire Duncan said she lives in Tauranga and was involved with Ngā Potiki housing. She said there were a lot of issues to address and suggested a separate wananga on housing options. She said there is a lot of work required around this and suggested the Trust start looking at this process.

Arthur Flintoff queried what was happening with the proposal for all Trustees to step down.

Leo Watson responded that the trustees considered that the election of two new Trustees this year and the rotation proposal was an appropriate process.

In closing the hui Leo said the Trust was at an early stage of a very important long term development.

The hui closed at 12.48pm with karakia from Uenuku Fairhall.