Thank you to all who attended the first Owners Engagement Hui. For those who couldn’t attend here are the minutes and a video recording of the hui with additional presentations.


Leo Watson


Malcolm Short, Uenuku Fairhall, Anaru Bidois, Emily Rota-Bidois, Waldo Houia, Pirihira Fenwick


Alex Wilson, Jeff Fletcher, Murray Patchell, Amber Taare.



Owners online:

86 Participants plus additional observers at individual venues.


Waldo Houia.


As recorded in the chat function, record held by TK14.


Leo Watson and Alex Wilson explained the meeting protocols. While owners were not able to speak they were able to ask questions through the Q & A section of the Zoom and use the chat function. Questions would be dealt with at the end and any requiring follow up would be placed on the website. Leo advised it is intended to give owners speaking time on the next Zoom. Owner’s feedback was required on the matters presented. Trustees and presenters were introduced to the audience and the purpose behind the series of engagement hui was outlined. Trustee backgrounds will be available on the website.


Cultural and Historical Overview – Uenuku Fairhall provided an historical context of the Trust lands from 1350 as per slides 5 to 13.

Court of Appeal Decision – Leo Watson explained the NZ Court of Appeal decision as per slide 15.

Trustee Guiding Principles – Malcolm Short introduced Alex Wilson who outlined the draft guiding principles that Trustees propose be adopted to set the pathway forward. Slides 16 to 23.

Proposal for Trustee Rotation and Elections – Anaru Bidois introduced Leo Watson who explained the Trustees proposal to reintroduce a Trustee rotation election policy. Feedback via chat and questions will be taken on board, in particular, the request to progress a Trust order variation as a priority and to have elections before significant decisions were made. Trustees need to balance this with their prudent implementation of their responsibilities on behalf of all owners. Slide 24

Te Tumu Development Update – Pirihira Fenwick introduced the Project Manager Jeff Fletcher who provided an update on the proposed Te Tumu Development and what is happening in the area. Slides 25 to 31.

Options and Process for Infrastructure Corridors – Emily Rota Bidois backgrounded the options for Infrastructure corridors across the Trust land to provide the infrastructure to enable development on the Trust land. Jeff Fletcher presented slides 32 to 36.

Next Steps – Leo Watson outlines the next steps and the invitation for owners to provide feedback through the various media sources. It is proposed to develop resolution through the engagement hui that will lead to a postal vote and subsequent applications to the Māori Land Court.

Q & A – Q & A: Alex and Leo read through and responded to 45 questions. The questions and answers are available on the Zoom recording and summaries will be posted on the website and summarised in the next hui.

The hui closed at 12.51pm with Karakia from Waldo Houia.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation mentioned above.

Download: TK14 Owner Hui Presentation 13 February 2022

Do we have your up-to-date details?

Our goal is to communicate and engage with as many of our beneficiaries as possible on the development opportunity for the whenua. Right now, we know there are approximately 5050 persons on the register of beneficial owners, but we only have up-to-date contact information for 30% (approximately) of them.

If you believe you are a beneficiary, or know someone who is, then please check the Māori Land Online records, provided here. Once you have done this, or need assistance, please contact us so we can update our records and involve you and your whanau trusts.